Membership Manager


    • Exciting opportunity to be a key part in our first international location!
    • Strong coworking brand, with a dedicated and passionate team, and dynamic presence in the UK market.
    • We are looking for an ambitious Membership Manager to engage our Dublin community, solidify our reputation and help us grow the business in our first international location.
    • Scope to grow internally (we’re not just saying that).
    • Strong existing team and dynamic.


    • You’ll be one of the first key hires in our Dublin presence and you will be awarded equity in a fast-growing business.
    • You’ll be joining an existing team of successful young entrepreneurs with a strong dynamic. You’ll work with the world’s smartest and most ambitious individuals, have a very steep learning curve and work in a young and committed team.
    • We have an ethos that we only hire people who are smarter than the management team! We only hire the best and most resourceful talent.
    • We love entrepreneurial minds who understand startups and take initiative to grow the business to the next level. Equally, when something isn’t working out as planned, we have the ability to make fast decisions.
    • You’ll have responsibility from day one. We believe that you learn fastest when thrown in the deep end.
    • We are looking for you to grow within the company.
    • We will provide you with a learning environment that will help you improve your existing skills further.
    • Our work environments are productive, inspiring, engaging and FUN.
    • We are serious about what we do and we do it with positive energy, passion and optimism.


    • You are fully immersed in Dublin’s tech ecosystem and know all the key players, personally!
    • You are the type of person that people are naturally drawn to.
    • You are naturally curious about the people around you. You are engaging and outgoing, charismatic and enthusiastic.
    • You have strong interpersonal and communication skills.
    • You live to sell the dream: you are a natural salesperson with passion and high energy!
    • You have a strong customer-service mentality and you have the ability to generate respect and trust from all members and staff.
    • You have are fast-thinking and reactive.
    • You are process-driven and with a detailed focus.


You are motivated by having an enormous impact. You’re drawn to people who do things differently. Creative minds, the entrepreneurs and change-makers of the world. You want to be part of something that’s growing, fast. You’re intrigued by communities. Probably an ambitious person, passionate, energetic and confident.

So naturally, you love a challenge and any chance to learn. You’re the type that’s always joining the dots, connecting people and spotting opportunities other people miss. You’re entrepreneurial, resourceful and a born problem-solver.

Perhaps you’ve kept it hidden, but you’re a bit of a nerd when it comes to startups, innovation and working out how to build a successful business. And you’re motivated to make that happen. You see the bigger picture but aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty in the name of understanding the intricacies of a project. You’re self-driven. You’re organised and efficient. You’re creative. And you want to find your place in one of the fastest growing coworking teams in Dublin.


We put our team at the heart of the business and of our community, so you’ll be one of the key faces of Huckletree in Dublin and within the startup ecosystem. As our Membership Manager, this is a snapshot of what you’ll be up to on a standard day:

(1) Sales and Membership Management:

    • You’ll be a natural at running tours, following up, and converting leads.
    • You’ll keep track of everyone who’s keen to become a member. During training, we’ll make sure you’re totally comfortable with our systems.
    • You will exercise discretion with prospective members, including declining leads where business may not be in the interests of our wider community.
    • You’ll monitor member accounts, tracking membership packages, credit allowances, and making sure everyone’s cool with the “practical stuff”, like booking a meeting room.
    • You’ll have monthly catch ups with all your members in order to gain any feedback and gauge any movement.
    • You’ll keep up to date with who’s joining us, and liaise with Business Development appropriately to make sure the space is always buzzing with interesting people and to ensure a diverse representation of companies in the HKT community.
    • You will be constantly thinking of new and interesting ways of converting members.
    • You’ll conduct exit interviews when members leave us, to identify the reasons why they are leaving, their favourite and least favourite aspects of HKT, and anything we can be doing better.

(2) Member Retention, Experience and Customer Service:

    • You will develop community initiatives designed to create connections between members, including member introductions, overseeing events, electronic and print communications, and building walkthroughs.
      You will develop a service standard and training plan for the Community team to ensure five star service across the organisation.
    • You’ll make sure that our members have such an awesome time here they’ll want to bring all their friends.
    • You’ll continually experiment with new ways to enhance the Huckletree experience and feed these ideas back to the General Manager.
    • You’ll make sure that the level of service your community receives is higher than any five star hotel.
    • You’ll inform all your members of the events going on each day to ensure a high take-up rate.

(3) KYM – Know Your Members

    • You are the person that everyone in the space should know, and you should know everyone.
    • Your main focus is working with your team to build a strong and engaged community. This means you’ll be talking to people. A lot.
    • You’re naturally curious about what our members are doing, so you’ll be able to help them meet other people in the Huckletree community, making introductions and finding opportunities to bring groups together.
    • You know what each and every community member does and you know who to introduce them to and how to add value to their lives.
    • You’ll be the eyes and ears of Huckletree so you’ll know the community better than anyone; listening and reacting to feedback is the source of our success.


    • This is a full-time position.


    • €25-27,000 (depending on experience) plus annual performance-related bonus and equity.

Credibility is earned at Huckletree by being an effective team member. This means being a work-ethic role model, being reliable, asking for help when needed, going above and beyond, striving to get things done, challenging our judgment and bringing world-class thinking to Huckletree each and every day. We have the advantage of being a well-run business, there is no bureaucracy and there are no politics, and our team members feel comfortable in the knowledge that if they work hard good things will happen: both for Huckletree and for themselves personally.

We’re looking for someone who realises that this is not just a job. We are changing the way companies are built, giving people an alternative to traditional career structures and building the next generation of high impact companies.

If you are looking for a job where you can clock out at 6pm, this is not the role for you. We give our team equity in the business because we hope that this equity will motivate you and make you feel ownership and invested. If it doesn’t, this isn’t the right role for you.


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