Demand Generation Specialist position @Artomatix:


At Artomatix, we believe that creating fascinating, immersive 3D worlds is a form of art that should be made available to everyone easily. To reach this goal, we constantly look for ways to leverage Machine Learning and Neural Networks, to aid humans in bridging the gap between their lack of time, or skill, and their sophisticated desires.

Artomatix solves the problem that creating 3D content costs too much, and takes too long. It addresses all 3D-related markets: Videogames, Animation, Special effects, VR, AR, Industrial design, etc. It launched its first product focused on texturing at the Game Developers Conference (San Francisco) in March 2016.

Artomatix was recently hosted by NVIDIA on its booth at SIGGRAPH 2017 and leads commercial discussions with many of the top video games studios, game engine companies and 3D software providers, all showing great interest for Artomatix’s groundbreaking technology.



    • Map the market: which companies/geographies/positions are relevant for which value propositions? At a high level (name of companies, geographies, positions) and at a low one: precise of people to create a relationship with;
    • Understand the marketing, lead generation and sales process;
    • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the product/solution: be able to understand the clients’ requirements and propose the right solution to achieve high conversion rates;
    • Persuade prospects of the advantages offered by Artomatix: technical, security, scalability, competitivity, cost and time savings advantages, etc.;
    • Qualify potential opportunities by gathering all of the relevant data and working hard to understand both the buying cycle and selling cycle;
    • Build excellent working relationships: have good relations with colleagues, partners and end clients to help the demand generation process;
    • Work with and leverage marketing tools and technologies: be effective in the role with tools such as Growbots, Hubspot, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

Outbound marketing:

  • Create an outbound marketing strategy: assess resources that can be devoted to outbound marketing (financial & human) & strategize their allocation to the most promising intersection between channels & verticals;
    • For each outbound lever (e.g. email campaigns, newsletters), find the best technical solution (e.g. Growbots, Mailchimp);Prepare to reach out to prospects directly:
    • For each campaign, find the best messaging;

Reach out to prospects directly: prospect, identify and network with prospects that Artomatix should engage with. To reach this goal…

  • Run automated emailing campaigns to prospects;
  • Cold-call prospects;
  • Hunt down prospects through LinkedIn premium, Twitter, by individual emails, etc.;
  • Map & attend industry conferences; prepare them & follow-up on them;
  • Prepare and send newsletters: regularly send emails to people who subscribed to our newsletter to update them on our company and product.

Inbound marketing:

  • Create an inbound marketing strategy: assess resources that can be devoted to inbound marketing (financial & human) & strategize their allocation to the most promising intersection between channels & verticals;
  • Prepare to execute on our inbound marketing strategy:
    • For each inbound lever (e.g. blogging, social media), find the best technical solution (e.g. Medium, Twitter)
    • Execute on our inbound marketing strategy:
  • Blog
  • Social media
  • Press releases


  • At ease selling high-value customer solutions as well as technical features
  • Strong communication and presentation skills combined with a strong confident customer facing manner;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, ability to nurture strong work relationships with internal and external stakeholders;
  • Excellent phone skills and outbound technique;
  • Excellent written skills: ability to prepare emails, PowerPoint presentations and other relevant customer-facing materials;
  • Excellent time management and ability to focus on what is important and likely to deliver results;
  • Ability to multi-task and work effectively with cross-functional teams;
  • European languages are an advantage.


  • The candidate will be a high calibre individual who wishes to continue their career in Marketing/Business Development or who may have other relevant experience and wishes to start a career in sales;
  • The candidate will have experience in customer-facing sales roles and preferably will have telephone based experience;
  • The candidate will ideally have a degree level education;
  • Passionate about our mission and about how tech can help us build tomorrow;
  • Experience in a startup or an industry related to 3D is a plus – videogames, animation, VFX, VR/AR, industrial design, etc.
  • Additional relevant training or qualifications are desirable.

Location & travel:

The position is based in our Dublin office and may require occasional travel both in Ireland and internationally.

To apply:

Send a short and impactful email summarising your profile, your motivations, and what you think you can bring to Artomatix to with your CV enclosed.