General Manager at Huckletree


    • Exciting opportunity to head up our first international location!
    • Strong coworking brand, with a strong existing team and dynamic and strong brand in the UK market.
    • We are looking for an experienced GM to lead a successful community and sales team, build and maintain professional relationships and oversee all metrics at our first international location.
    • This role is based in Dublin and reports to the CEO.


    • You’ll be the first key hire in Dublin, and you will be awarded equity in a fast-growing business
    • You’ll be joining an existing team of successful young entrepreneurs with a strong dynamic. You’ll work with the world’s smartest and most ambitious individuals, have a very steep learning curve and work in a young and committed team
    • We will provide you with a learning environment that will help you improve your existing skills further
    • Our work environments are structured, productive and engaging.
    • We are serious about what we do and we do it with positive energy, passion and optimism.


    • Background as a GM at a coworking space or independent hotel, and track record managing teams to produce exceptional results.
    • Knowledge of the Dublin startup ecosystem.
    • You exude integrity, dependability, responsibility, accountability, self-awareness, work ethic, and empathy.
    • Demonstrable experience in financial modelling and forecasting
    • Demonstrable experience with project management and business operations
    • Ability to set expectations and deliver on those promises
    • Experience working in high-growth, fast-paced environments
    • Collaborative and ability to build relationships quickly
    • Comfortable using various CRM platforms and other sales softwares
    • Demonstrated work ethic and consistent over-achievement
    • Highly analytical, detail oriented and process driven
    • You have a strong customer-service mentality and you have the ability to generate respect and trust from all members, staff and external stakeholders
    • You have a strong working knowledge of budgeting, business development + strategic planning.
    • You are process-driven and with a detailed focus.


    • Team Management
    • High-Level Community and Building Management
    • Financial Reporting
    • KPIs
    • Operational Efficiency and Location Smooth-Running

Team Management:

    • You will mentor your team to reach and exceed all location KPI’s, sales targets and business objectives.
    • You will recommend best practices, including community management, sales, events, training, and member experience on a building-wide level.
    • As team leader, you will generate respect and trust from your team. You will be a role model for your team in your demonstration of work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit, values, responsibility, autonomy and ambition.
    • You will effectively manage your team (and make firing decisions when need be) to ensure that you have an all-star team at all times.
    • You will establish best practise management tools including Monday Morning team KPI meetings, monthly one-on-one meetings and year-end performance reviews to track individual performance.
    • You will oversee and keep team up to date with process changes.
    • You will ensure there is harmony within your team and that your team is engaged and incentivised, with clear job definitions and reporting mechanisms.
    • Under your leadership, turnover will be low.

High-Level Community and Building Management:

In your building, the buck stops with you. This means:

    • You will know and be able to implement and train team members in member safety plans, i.e. fire and emergency plans
    • You will ensure the highest possible level of member satisfaction.
    • You will supervise member move-ins and move-outs for the best possible experience.
    • You will solve escalated member-related issues to ensure a cohesive community and manage member expectations. You will aim to resolve member complaints regarding other members through neutral fact investigation and process termination of membership when warranted.
    • You will conduct frequent and systematic reviews for adequate procedural safeguarding for the protection of members and company assets.
    • You will design and implement rules, guidelines and best practices for the community to optimize member experience.
    • You will explain HKT policies to members where required, including membership agreement and billing procedures.
    • You will engage in the larger community by attending events and networking with local startups and organizations.

Financial Reporting:

    • You will oversee the budget of the building.
    • You will forward invoices on to our accounts team for payment once you have made sure that the invoice details are all correct.
    • You will authorise your team’s expenses.
    • You will use Excel to:
        • Provide Management with a weekly sales update
        • Forecast revenues for future months
        • Calculating annualised run-rates
        • Calculating average payments per membership package and using this knowledge to inform discount strategies
        • Calculating building occupancy levels and using this knowledge to inform discount strategies
        • Performing churn analyses and using this data to inform new retention strategies
        • Perform monthly member payment reconciliations
        • Perform monthly opex reconciliations
        • Ensure that each month’s opex outgoings are within budget


    • You will work alongside management to set your location’s sales strategy and targets and achieve your KPI’s.
    • You will ensure creation of an exciting and buzzing space via a solid events schedule, can-do attitudes and personal introductions.
    • Maintaining company standards and expectations
    • You will rely neither on our centralised Marketing and BD teams to produce the leads required to hit your targets. You will develop and implement your own initiatives and work with both teams to continually drive leads to your location.
    • You will make sure that each of your team members delivers the perfect tour and develop training methods when required.
    • You will personally deliver tours when your Membership Manager is not available.
    • You will take the right measures to review any team member who is not closing enough sales, and ensure they receive the right training to rectify the problem.

Operational Efficiency and Location Smooth-Running:

    • You will be responsible for the daily operations of your location and you will ensure that all operations are efficient.
    • You will work with your Operations Manager to analyze tickets by area to identify acute ongoing problem areas, (eg repeating IT failures, malfunctioning conference room equipment).
    • You will implement process systems and document all operational procedures.
    • You will make suggestions for the improvement of the systems in place. You will evaluate the results of overall operations regularly and systematically and report your findings to management.
    • You will ensure that the correct tools are put in place to process information flow between your team members and to manage your location efficiently.
    • You will compile data and metrics to support all business decisions.


    • This is a full-time position, commencing in August 2017
    • You will be located at Huckletree Dublin (D2)


€50-55,000 base salary (dependent on experience) plus annual performance-related bonus and equity.


Credibility is earned at Huckletree by being an effective team member. This means being a work-ethic role model, being reliable, asking for help when needed, going above and beyond, striving to get things done, challenging our judgment and bringing world-class thinking to Huckletree each and every day. We have the advantage of being a well-run business, there is no bureaucracy and there are no politics, and our team members feel comfortable in the knowledge that if they work hard good things will happen: both for Huckletree and for themselves personally.

We’re looking for someone who realizes that this is not just a job. We are changing the way companies are built, giving people an alternative to traditional career structures and building the next generation of high impact companies. If you are looking for a job where you can clock out at 6pm, this is not the role for you. We give our team equity in the business because we hope that this equity will motivate you and make you feel ownership and invested. If it doesn’t, this isn’t the right role for you.

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