Lead Frontend Engineer – Frontend Leader looking for a Mission

Ripple Foundation is looking for a Leading Frontend Engineer / Lead Frontend Engineer who is interested in the challenge & mission of great usability to transform 21st Century Healthcare.

About Ripple Foundation

Ripple Foundation is a clinically led team working towards and supporting the move to an open platform fit for 21st century health and care. We all know the problems around the world in healthcare, our mission has emerged from that and to drag healthcare into the digital age are supporting open source, open standards and an open architecture that can be used worldwide.

We are still in the early phase of building the tools and supporting the communities who want to collaborate around this open platform mission. We want to challenge the limitations of the current limited health and care IT market, positively disrupt and move health and care into the 21st Century.

We are supporting those key technologies that we believe should be open sourced to benefit the health and care world, as well as actively supporting key open platform projects in order to further this mission.

Whats the challenge?

Usability is perhaps the greatest challenge facing 21st Century Healthcare.

The sector is littered with mediocre solutions that have a poor/terrible user experience that professionals and patients have to endure because there are great usability has yet to impact healthcare.

We are working to challenge that head on. Following years of frontline experience, research and development we have crafted PulseTile, the first open source UX/UI framework in healthcare. We have crafted it from the bottom up following good practice in user centred design and agile development and have made it available in both AngularJS and ReactJS versions.

Yet the frontend world keeps evolving, so we need to ensure PulseTile remains at the forefront of great usability with the help of a leading Frontend Engineer / Lead Frontend Engineer who wants to take on this mission to the next level.

What skills do I need?

  • Background in frontend web development technologies (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Interest in good clean UX design as well as good clean UI code
  • Extensive experience in frontend (esp ReactJS) development as part of a team
  • Extensive experience in open source workflow (github etc) as part of a team
  • Some experience with full stack technologies (esp NodeJS and DB tech) would be helpful

What will I be doing?

  • Liaison on UX
  • Lead on UI development roadmap and development
  • Oversight of our open source PulseTile ReactJS frontend application and take on code custodian role





  • Research and development against other world leading Frontend development trends and developments eg http://styleguides.io/ to guide our way forward
  • Taking on a leadership role in usability/frontend development

What is the opportunity?

  • Join world leading #HealthIT team
  • Tackle one of the biggest challenges of our times, aka 21st Century Healthcare
  • Flexible working from home (NB Ripple Foundation leadership is based in Dublin, Ireland)
  • Align our early work with the leaders of the frontend world, while supporting those at the frontline of the healthcare field.

How to start?

We are keen to set a funded challenge to find the right skills and person that we would then look to offer this key role.

We are open to discuss the challenge, in essense taking a look at our own frontend work to date on PulseTile http://pulsetile.com in the context of an evolving frontend landscape http://styleguides.io to come up with some ideas/recommendations.

We would agree to fund that work before you begin and then use that work to gauge your experience & interest in our work and mission.

If you are interested in this challenge we would like to hear from you..

Please email with an outline of your interest and a copy of your CV to info@ripple.foundation