As the Business Intelligence Analyst you will be focused on accessing new data sources, modeling these sources for simple integration into our platform and ensuring the data is scalable and flexible to allow our research team and customers to slice and dice to find answers to their questions as fast as possible.

Your role will sit in between the engineering and research functions, not only sourcing and modelling data but also working with our research team on how we serve this up in a meaningful way to help our customers do their jobs more effectively.

Possible Activities to Achieve These Goals:

  • Working with the team to identify new sources of data that can be fed into the ETL pipelines. This activity will mainly be focused around private company data in the healthcare technology landscape.
  • Build, monitor, and maintain analytics and data ETL pipelines.
  • Empowering other engineers, researchers and the product team to ask questions of the dataset in an easy, reliable way.
  • Visualise data to provide insights into the market that will empower our customers to do their job faster and more effectively.


  • At least 1 year relevant experience.
  • Technical Skills:- Statistical analysis and modelling- Data modelling- SQL-based technologies (e.g. MSSQL, MySQL)- NoSQL technologies (e.g. MongoDB, DocumentDB, Cassandra). High-level programming language (Python, Node).


  • Enjoy technology: technically curious and enjoy learning about new products & how things work.
  • Ability to rapidly switch gears while keeping in mind the bigger vision.
  • You look at things from every angle and genuinely love hunting for opportunities to improve.
  • Always have the courage to speak your mind, and share what might be unpopular opinions.
  • Most of all you are entrepreneurial; you will treat your domain like its your own baby.

Testimonials from the HealthXL team:

David Cardoso – Head of Technology:

“In HealthXL I found a passionate and very dynamic team, always eager to help each other and to deliver better solutions to our clients. This environment brings an extra joy to any regular day of work.”

Niall Larkin – Head of Product:

“Moving from a large organisation with established procedures and protocols to a startup environment was a shock to the system. The safety of numbers in a large corporate organisation makes it easy to fall into a routine of simply following protocol and plodding along doing your job. At HealthXL, we are doing something completely new and that has given me the opportunity to pave my own path and do whatever was needed to help develop our product. I’m not always sure of what I’ll be required to do next month/year but I know I’ll be given the freedom and support to do what needs to be done to build a great product.”

About HealthXL:

HealthXL is the leading global platform for digital health collaboration. HealthXL makes the process of validating the relevance of technology to solve a problem and creating relationships with the right collaborative partner – faster and more effective.

HealthXL are a rare breed. We are a bootstrapped company which requires us to be extremely focused on the current and emerging needs of our customers. Having no outside investors means we have the freedom to focus on the vision we believe will have a meaningful and positive impact on how our customers to their jobs.

We expect all of our team, regardless of discipline, to improve the shared understanding of how we can serve our customers more effectively. To facilitate this deep understanding, we have dedicated budget every quarter for every member of the team to visit a customer at their place of work.


Send a CV and Cover letter to with ‘Business intelligence Analyst’ as the subject line