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Connectivity & Technology Project Manager Tender Brief – PDF

Dublin City Council Culture Company is seeking tender submissions for a Contract for Services in the role of Connectivity & Technology Project Manager. The initial project is estimated to require an average of two days per week across six months, and commencing as soon as possible. The maximum contract value is €24,000 ex. V.A.T. and we require a quote to be submitted along with your tender.

With rapidly evolving needs, Dublin City Council Culture Company is seeking to future-proof its digital tools and technology to allow for a highly collaborative, agile, and active-learning, way of working. Dublin City Council Culture Company aims to be a connected opportunity-ready organisation and we are looking for IT all-rounder who possesses a unique blend of cultural awareness and technical savvy to help us achieve this. This is unique project for the right person.

About Dublin City Council Culture Company

Dublin City Council Culture Company is a new company established to create and deliver cultural initiatives in Dublin City, and to initiate, implement and manage cultural programmes and buildings for the benefit of the citizens of Dublin, locally and citywide. Collaborating with citizens, communities, cultural organisations, businesses, and Dublin City Council itself, the company’s work is focused on embedding cultural experiences and increasing cultural participation throughout Dublin’s neighbourhoods.

Dublin City Council Culture Company is also responsible for the new visitor experience at 14 Henrietta Street, which opened full time in Sept 2018. You will be working with a team of c.20 comprising a combination of core staff, an engagement team, and cultural project managers, both in-house and remotely.

Our entire approach is value-driven and we aim to be authentic and congruent to the values we champion – Participation, Partnership, Relevance, Quality, and Capacity Building – in our strategy, operations, programmes, and organisational design. You can read more about Dublin City Council Culture Company’s vision, mission and values at www.dublincitycouncilculturecompany.ie

Scope – Connectivity & Technology Project Manager

We want to be a connected company – to each other, to the communities we serve, to our stakeholders, and to our partners. We want tools to help us work in a dynamic, fast paced, high energy, rapid innovation, and high productivity way. At all times we will seek to build institutional memory and avoid siloing of information about our activities. This means supporting joined-up ways of working using digital tools and resources that are available anywhere. The selection of any tools or integration of any new systems must allow for flexible future growth and re-definition.

Dublin City Council Culture Company strives to be a learning organisation, a company that facilitates the learning of its team and continuously transforms itself through its interactions and learning from its fellow organisations or cohorts in the ecosystem. We aim to be agile, brave, solutions-oriented, and active listeners. We believe that the cross-fertilisation between teams has enriching impact on outputs, projects and participants.

Your goal is to implement the existing digital plan and to prepare the ground for further digital support development. This role is initially envisaged as a six month Contract for Service with an estimated average of two days per week, and the maximum contract value is €24,000 ex. V.A.T. You will report to the Head of Operations and will work closely with the Communications Manager and full team.

Project Specifics – Connectivity & Technology Project Manager

The project manager will work on the detailed scoping, project management and delivery of mission-critical work packages. The deliverables will build on the experience, assets and technical resources built up by Dublin City Council Culture Company and its staff to identify and successfully integrate software tools and applications to support the goals of the organisation.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Establishing the core suite of highly usable, cloud based IT systems to support the work of the newly established Culture Company. Gsuite is our preferred platform
  • Researching and proposing new systems or tools for Dublin City Council Culture Company to help meet our objectives and supporting decision making by preparing a user-focused pros and cons and a cost benefit analysis
  • Developing functional specifications and advising on the selection of new digital tools
  • Building and integrating these tools to support effective knowledge transfer and peer-learning within the company such as an integrated CRM solution and a cloud-based resource toolkit for Culture Company initiatives Dublin City Council Culture Company // HR // Oct 2018 2
  • Establishing these tools and new ways of working as second nature for the company, by training and supporting the team in their adoption and daily use
  • Scoping and deployment of new IT systems for the museum to ensure compatibility and integration into long-term thinking
  • Ensuring the offices and all venues relating to Dublin City Council Culture Company, including 14 Henrietta Street, are fitted out for significant connectivity – screen sharing web conferencing, VOIP etc
  • Technical management of the companies public facing websites
  • A data policy that supports these systems in a legal, ethical, transparent and workable manner

Current recommended/preferred packages include:

  • Google Suite – Live collaborative cloud-based document development and file-sharing
  • Google Sites – Private resource toolkit within
  • Google Chat, Slack, Mural etc – Remote access project tools
  • Backup – Platforms to ensure the integrity of the companies data
  • CRM – Highly usable cloud based platform built to GDPR compliance
  • POS, Ticketing etc – Integrated museum IT systems

Ideal Candidate Skills & Experience Required

  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in ICT
  • Experience setting up and / or managing existing collaborative tools including CRM and project management software. GSuite experience is essential.
  • Ability to analyze and improve the performance of online platforms
  • Strong knowledge of multiple platforms (must be fluent in both Mac & PC), computer systems and software
  • Strong knowledge of web technologies, computer networking, DNS and server administration
  • Experience in web development (PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript etc.) and some system/software development and deployment skills is a plus
  • Strong and continuing knowledge of Data Protection and GDPR
  • Case making skills for new initiatives
  • Experience working with analytics
  • Experience working in a startup and/or collaborative working environment
  • Experience in working with a range of people from different backgrounds
  • Ability to work under pressure on multiple projects in a fast paced environment
  • Experience in training non-tech fluent people
  • Experience with professional Audio Visual equipment (museum tech and events etc) is a plus

Key Person Specification:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Capable communicator with the ability to make people comfortable with new technology
  • An interest in culture and an understanding of the challenges faced by a public facing arts organisation
  • Ability to build and maintain strong working relationships
  • Effective organisational and time management skills
  • Ability to multi-task and manage complexity
  • An entrepreneurial mindset and sharp customer focus
  • A self-starter – confident and proactive in generating and leading new initiatives
  • A methodical problem solver that can quickly get to grips with unfamiliar systems and implement solutions

Tender Details

Tender submissions should include an outline proposal along with full CV, and a quote for services fee. You need to describe how your skills, knowledge, methodology, and experience match the project specification while also explaining your motivation and goals.

Completed applications should be sent by email only to recruitment@dublincitycouncilculturecompany.ie with “Connectivity & Technology Project Manager” in the subject line.

Dublin City Council Culture Company is an equal opportunity employer. For more information on our Equal Opportunities Policy, please see here.

Please note that 14 Henrietta Street the museum is Part M access compliant, and the offices of Dublin City Council Culture Company have limited physical access. Reasonable accommodation of access requirements will be made for successful applicants. Interviews will take place in an accessible location.

We are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. We keep several kinds of personal data about our prospective employees so we can manage the recruitment process effectively and efficiently and meet our legal obligations. For more information please see our Privacy Notice for Job Applicants here